Environment Policy

Basic Philosophy

TGK adheres to the following basic stance in its core activities of supplying control devices for automotive air conditioning systems and for residential water heaters and air conditioning equipment. TGK recognizes the finite earth's natural resources, and therefore, endeavors to use resources and energy efficiently. Minimizing the environmental impact of its products and services is a top management priority for TGK. All members of the TGK Group take part in its activities to preserve the global environment.

Action Guidelines

  • Maintain a firm awareness of the environmental impact of TGK's products and services, while working to implement the following priorities:
    • (1) Promote eco-friendly product development and sales
    • (2) Promotion of green procurement
    • (3) Promotion of enviromentally beneficial activities through improvement of regular work
    • (4) Promotion of energy saving and resource saving
    • (5) Reduction of waste and practice of recycling
  • Establish and review environmental targets, work to reduce environmental burden and prevent contamination of the environment
  • Conform with current environmental legislation and other environmental guidelines with which TGK is in agreement
  • In order to improve environmental performance , build an environmental management system and work for continual improvement through internal audits , etc.

Hitoshi Kiyomiya
President, TGK CO., LTD.