History of TGK

1959Established as Toho Gas Kogyo Co.,Ltd., in Daimachi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo to market LPG and manufacture industrial equipment (Capital: 2 million yen)
1961In addition to LPG operations, begin manufacuturing and marketing control valves for car heaters
1962Narahara Plant established in Narahara-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
Begin manufacturing and assembling oil coolers and car heater cores
1963Begin manufacturing and marketing wiring components for car heaters as well as variety of test equipment
1964Begin manufacturing and assembling automotive radiator tanks and dual-tube oil coolers
1965Company's capital increased to 5 million yen
Strengthen manpower for development technology to be ready for expansion in automotive industry
1967Narahara Plant expanded to handle rapidly increasing orders for car heater valves and radiator tank assembly
Sanda Plant built in Sanda-machi (currently Higashi-Asakawa-machi), Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
1968Begin manufacturing newly developed press-type water control valves at Sanda Plant
1970The second construction of Sanda Plant completed
The head office moved from Daimachi to Sanda Plant
1971Begin manufacturing a major new product: vacuum actuator
Company's capital increased to 10 million yen
1972Begin manufacturing newly developed fast idling control devices (FICDs)
Begin full-scale production of control devices for car air conditioning systems
1973Nitto Co.,Ltd., a joint venture with Nippon Radiator Co.,Ltd.,(currently Calsonic Kansei Corporation) established in Fukushima Prefecture
Begin manufacturing fuel caps
1975Begin manufacturing aluminum tube products and newly developed vacuum microswitches
Strengthen the product line for vacuum systems
1976Kunugida Plant opened in Kunugida-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo and begins mass production of control devices for air conditioning systems
1977The head office moved from Sanada Plant to Kunugida Plant
1978Enter the field of electrical and electronic control devices by manufacturing bimetal ambient switches
1979Begin manufacturing magnetic control valves for fuel systems
The second plant, the warehouse and the building for quality control constructed and expanded at Sanda Plant
Begin developing control devices for refrigerant systems
1980Get new business of control system components for automotive air conditioning
Begin manufacturing sensors including in-car sensors
1981Begin manufacturing binary switches for use as refrigerant pressure switches
1982Receive orders for temperature-controlled automatic expansion valves for use as refrigerant control devices
Expand Kunugida Plant to manufacture these products
1983Begin full-scale production of expansion valves
Start exporting pressure switches
1984Begin manufacturing newly developed motor actuators
Company name changed to TGK CO.,LTD.
Company’s capital increased to 75,474,000 yen
1985As the effect of a strong yen and trade friction, begin developing products for home use to respond to growing trend of domestic demand-oriented industries
1986Expand marketing to other fields
Begin manufacturing control devices for gas water heaters for home use
1987Switches & sensors, motor actuators and temperature-controlled automatic expansion valves grow to TGK main product categories
1988Shiroyama Plant built in Shiroyama-machi, Tsukui-gun(currently Machiya Midori-ku Sagamihara-shi), Kanagawa Prefecture for business expansion in the 21st century
Manufacturing bases for all TGK products established
1989Celebrate 30th anniversary and make a fresh start for the next era
Begin manufacturing electronic control valves (ECV) for car air conditioning compressors
1990Expand in-house manufacturing of plastic components at Shiroyama Plant
Begin manufacturing proportional oil control valves for home applications
1991Begin manufacturing and marketing capsule-type expansion valves and brushless in-car sensors
1992Begin manufacturing and marketing TB valves for multifunction home toilets
1993Begin manufacturing aluminum oil coolers at Shiroyama Plant using
Nocolok brazing method, and start marketing them
1994Begin full-scale production and export of miniblock-type expansion valves Joint venture
TGK Europe s.r.l. established in Italy
1995Begin manufacturing and marketing miniblock-type expansion valves for Japanese domestic market
1996Shiroyama Plant expanded
1998ISO9001 and QS-9000 certified
1999Celebrate 40th anniversary
Begin manufacturing integrated control valves for electric vehicles as the next generation car air conditioner control devices
2000Begin manufacturing two new products: mixing valves with water-shutoff functions for hot water plumbing, and mechanical cisterns for baths
2001Begin manufacturing new full-reheat motor valves
2002Begin manufacturing pressure sensors for equipment and dehumid valves for home air conditioning systems
2003Begin manufacturing mechanical control valves (MCV) for variable displacement compressors
TGK North America, Inc. established in Michigan, USA
2004Shiroyama Plant expanded to meet increasing demand
2005ISO/TS16949 certified
2007ISO14001 certified
2008Technical Center established next to Shiroyama plant
Engineering Div. relocated from the head office to Technical Center
TGK Technical Center Germany GmbH established in Muenchen,Germany
2009Celebrate 50th anniversary
Begin manufacturing small mini-block type expansion valves
Begin manufacturing and marketing humidity sensors
2011TGK CHINA CO., LTD. established in Shanghai, China
2012TGK KOREA CO., LTD. established in Cheonan, Korea
2013Tana Plant opened in Tana, Chuo-ku Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture to expand in-house manufacturing of machined parts
2014Begin manufacturing of water solenoid valves for water dispenser
2016A plant in TGK KOREA CO.,LTD. constructed as a production base of miniblock- type expantion valves
TGK Mexico S.A.de C.V. established in Mexico
2018Nirasaki Plant opened in Nirasaki-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture.
IATF16949 certified
2019Celebrate 60th anniversary