Greeting by President

Continuous innovation is the driving force for the world's highest quality.

The automotive industry is in the midst of a major paradigm shift with overseas markets expanding and the use of electric vehicles becoming more widespread. On the global manufacturing stage, where Japan has proudly shone, the country’s manufacturers are faced with three options: maintain production operations at home, move production closer to overseas end markets, or move production to countries where costs are low. Faced with this choice, TGK strongly favors staying in Japan and supporting an industry establish through the in-house creation of every single one of its production processes from development to design and manufacturing. At the same time, we are working to take advantage of changing conditions by taking the lead in moving some production closer to consumer markets expected to expand and further refining our continuously evolving technological capabilities. Under the slogan of “Be the world’s best Drive 5 innovations” and with the aim of achieving sustainable growth alongside its employees going forward, the entire Company is coming together to realize educational innovation, technological innovation, purchasing innovation, production innovation, and sales innovation.
Hitoshi Kiyomiya President

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